Saturday, October 2, 2010

Antique Bakery - Korea

Энэ 2008 онд японы зохиолч Fumi Yoshinaga-ийн "Western Antique Cake-Shop" гэдэг манга дээр үндэслэн хийсэн кино.
Joo Ji Hoon as Kim Jin Hyeok (Tachibana)
Kim Jae Wook as Min Seon Woo (Ono)
Yoo Ah In as Yang Ki Beom (Eiji)
Choi Ji Ho as Nam Soo Yeong (Chikage)
Andy Gillet as Jean-Baptise Evan

Jin-hyeok opens a cake shop in an old antique shop, hiring Seun-woo, Korea's best pastry chef, who fell in love with him in high school. Also there, are Soo-young, crushing on Seun-woo, ex-boxer Gi-beom, and Seun-woo's French ex-boyfriend.

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