Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rainbow Boys - Thailand - 2005

Энэ кино 2005 онд хийгдсэн кино. Тат, Нат, Аке гэсэн 3 залуухан тай хөвгүүдийн тухай гардаг. Тат, Нат хоёр багын найзууд. Нат багаасаа гей гэдгээ нуулгүй бүгдэд ил, тод байдаг бөгөөд түүнийг ээж нь хамгийн ихээр ойлгодог. Харин Тат гэр бүл болон найз нөхөдөөсөө гей гэдгээ үргэлж нуудаг. Тат мөн сургуулийнхаа Аке гэдэг залууг нууцхан харж явдаг. Аке найз охинтой хэдий ч үргэлж өөрийн сексийн чиг хандлагадаа эргэлзэж бүрэн итгэлтэй байж чаддаггүй.

"Rainbow Boys", a Thai movie based on the series of novels by Mexican-American writer Alex Sanchez, was heavily publicized among the gay community in Thailand as a rare independent film that would show what it was like to be gay in Thailand. Although everyone seems to be doing their very best, "Rainbow Boys" is definitely an amateur effort by all involved. Tat and Nat are two upper-middle class best friends and university students who are both gay. Nat is effeminate, out and proud while Tat is still closeted to his friends and family. Tat develops a crush on popular jock, Ake (Ek), a nice guy with an abusive father, who Tat ends up tutoring. Ake is curious and confused about his sexuality, and is starting to lose interest in his beautiful girlfriend. What results is a cute, but ultimately amateurish paint-by-numbers "gay teen film".

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