Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shelter - USA

Энэ кино 2007 онд хийгдсэн. Яахав нэг үзчихэд дажгүй кино байна лээ хэхэ. Залуухан хүү Зак гэр бүлээ авч явахын тулд урлагын сургуульд сурах өөрийн мөрөөдлийг орхин ажил хийж эхэлдэг. Тэрээр эгч болон түүний хүүг харж хандан тэдэнд тусалж амьдардаг. Нэг удаа Зак далайн гулгалт хийхээр далайн эрэг дээр очоод түүний хамгийн сайн найз болох Кодигийн ах Шаун-тай танилцдаг. Удалгүй Зак болон Шаун нар найзууд болж мөн хоорондоо дотно холбоотой болж энэ холбоогоо Кодигоос нуудаг.

Jonah Markowitz - Writer/Director
Trevor Wright - Zach
Brad Rowe - Shaun

Forced to give up his dreams of art school in order to take care of his family, Zach (Trevor Wright) has become accustomed to a life where he neglects his own needs in favor of taking care of his older sister, Jeanne (Tina Holmes) and his nephew, Cody. When his best friend’s older brother, Shaun (Brad Rowe), returns home to cure a case of writer’s block, Shaun and Zach develop a friendship that develops into a true, intimate relationship. Shaun presses Zach to take control of his life, and to take ownership of his artwork. He also develops a strong bond with Cody, and Zach happily notices the positive effect Shaun’s attention has on him. As time progresses, however, a host of new issues come up. Zach struggles with his identity, his family, and friends, while trying to understand the new emotions Shaun has brought into his life. When the cat is let out of the bag, Jeanne threatens to take Cody away. Wanting nothing but the best for him, Zach is forced to decide between his pattern of always putting others’ desires first or fighting for what is really most important and appropriate for both his and Cody’s future.

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