Friday, March 26, 2010

Food of Love /German/

Food of Love is a 2002 Spanish/German film based on the 1998 novel The Page Turner by David Leavitt.
Paul - Kevin Bishop
Richard - Paul Rhys
Pamela - Juliet Stevenson
Joseph - Allan Corduner

Paul Porterfield (Kevin Bishop) is an 18-year-old music student who is offered the chance to be the page turner for the acclaimed pianist Richard Kennington (Paul Rhys). Kennington, and his agent and lover Joseph Mansourian (Allan Corduner), is instantly attracted to Paul's youth and attractiveness, but Kennington's attempts to get to know Paul better are thwarted by Paul's possessive, neurotic mother, Pamela (Juliet Stevenson) who is initially unaware of the attraction. She dotes on her son but is faced with the revelation that her husband is cheating on her and the exasperation of her son, who feels suffocated by her love. Paul is keen to escape his mother and meets Kennington in a hotel; After talking Kennington offers Paul a massage which leads on to other things.

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